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How to launch TorrApk like an App on your Android Device

Posted on 2015-11-15 14:33:06 by Giuseppe Anzalone - 0 Comments

Those who’ve been using TorrApk for a while know that one of its best features is its extreme versatility. As a web app, anybody can use it provided they have an updated browser, with no need to install anything.

Image 4
However, people who use smartphones might find annoying opening the browser each time and search through the favorites to find TorrApk.

Here is the good news: from today you’ll be able to start TorrApk with a single touch, like any other app on your Android smartphone. You won’t need to install anything.

This is possible thanks to Google Chrome’s web app support functionalities, which allow selected apps to be launched autonomously through an icon on the home screen of your smartphone.

Do you want to know how?

It’ll take only a few seconds. The only requirement is that you have a not-too-outdated version of Google Chrome on your smartphone (from 38 and later). If you don’t have Google Chrome installed, you can download it at this link.

  1. Launch Chrome and visit any TorrApk page. If you’re reading this article on Chrome, the first step is already done and you can continue to the next one.
  2. Open Chrome’s menu and select “Add to Home Screen” (or the equivalent in any language you have set).
  3. Select “Add” on the pop-up window.


Image 2

Done! If you visit your home page now, you’ll see a new icon that allows you to launch TorrApk in a heartbeat.

Image 3

If you’re using a version of Chrome later than 42, you’ll see that after visiting TorrApk a couple of times in the same week, a pop-up banner will appear to ask you to add TorrApk to your home screen. Well–don’t dawdle–just do it!

You’ll be pleased to know that this is just the beginning: we’re working to make TorrApk even faster, easier, and more functional on the smartphone.

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Giuseppe Anzalone
Hello, I am Giuseppe, electrical engineer and programmer. I've been working in the industrial automation field since 2004, designing electronic boards and developing software for real-time control. For some years now, I'm also strongly involved in web-developing and in IT security. What else... oh yeah, I'm addicted to free climbing!
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