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3 Great Gadgets for Android you can't Miss

Posted on 2016-03-31 14:52:03 by Latoya Lawrenc - 0 Comments

Everyone would like to use the best devices on the market, and I hope you are included in this “everyone” group. Though there are many great gadgets on the market today, you can't afford to miss these three gadgets. This article will show you 3 cool gadgets and why you should not miss them.

Image 1

1. BlitzWolf VR Glasses

Virtual Reality Headset 3D Movies Games Device For3.5"-6.0" Android IOS Smartphones.

This is a gadget that will give you an equivalent of about five meters away 320-inch screen and watch all 3D movie games comfortably. The gadget can be adjusted to fit your eye strength, and it has a weight that cannot overwhelm you while wearing it.


BlitzWolf VR Glasses Headset 3D Movies Games Device is highly compatible with IOS and the Android versions of smartphones having 3.5” to 6.0” screens. It works well with a wide variety of IOS and Android virtual reality apps available in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

If your smartphone or any other phone you are using is compatible with Virtual Reality App, then the BlitzWolf VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset 3D Movies Games can work well with it.


The BlitzWolf Virtual Reality Glasses Virtual Reality Headset is made of high-quality material. It has an extremely strong ABS shell as well as high definition lenses (optical resin). Also, this gadget has an 8-layer nano-coating. Also, the gadget has soft leather material covering the eye area and a comfortable elastic headband to keep the gadget in place while you are watching movies and games.

Image 2


This gadget is available at at a wide variety of prices, starting from  $25.99 depending on the size and unique features. Also, the site allows customers amazing discounts.

2. A8 Heart Rate

SIM TF Card-Supported Touch Screen Smart Sport Watch.

This is an amazing Android wrist watch which is water resistant, and a multipurpose gadget that has a broad range of abilities.

Image 3


  • It can make GSM phone calls

  • After pairing it with your phone through Bluetooth, it is capable of synchronizing all call logs and phone book, Answer or dial calls, reject, and set reminder calls.

  • For Android devices, it can synchronize messages

  • It can track your health. (can monitor your heart rate, act as sedentary reminder and monitor your sleep)

  • You can record videos, audios, play music, listen to FM radio, and much more.

  • It can help you to forecast weather.

  • It can serve as a UI switch, stopwatch, or a clock.

This gadget is packed together with one USB cable and a manual.

Image 4

Technical specifications

  • A round shaped case and digital dial display

  • It is 52.5*44.6*13.6mm

  • Its CPU is MTK6261D

  • It can operate with different networks including EDGE, GSM, and GPS.

  • It has a ROM of 128M and a 32M RAM

  • The gadget can support up to 16GB TF card though 8GB is better

  • It has a 2.0MP camera

  • Has a 320mAh lithium battery

  • It`s GSM talking time ranges for 2 to 4 hours.

  • The GSM standby time varies between 90-120 hours

  • The gadget has 3-6 hours Bluetooth talking time

  • Compatible with Android system

The A8 Heart Rate SIM TF Card Supported Touch Screen Smart Sports Watch is available at at only $59.99 plus incredible discounts. Also, there are other types of this gadget available at lower prices depending on their abilities and features.


Bluetooth 4.0 LED Smart Bulb.

This is a 100-240V Bluetooth LED bulb compatible with both the iPhone and Android Phones. All you need to do is to download the LED magic blue app, then connect the bulbs to phone and enjoy the diversity of lighting options. This Bluetooth smart bulb will give you the best lighting experience.

Image 5
Here are its abilities.
  • This gadget allows you to personalize your lighting using the wide variety of color options available.

  • It is compatible with the Bluetooth version 4.0 Android and IOS devices

  • The user can control up to 50 bulbs individually

  • You can integrate it with your music to create a rhythmic lighting

  • It has an auto timer option that allows you to turn the bulb on and off


  • Shape: rectangular

  • Warranty: 12 months

  • Voltage: 100-240V (AC)

  • The bulb is dimmable

The product is available at at only $12.99. However, there are amazing discounts for depending on the ranking of your order. For example, 1st to 20th order will pay $10.99, 21st to 100th order pay $12.99 and 101st to 300th order; you will pay $13.99. The other orders will be charged the standard prices.


You now know the three gadgets that you should not miss. Visit today and order while the discounts last.

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Latoya Lawrenc
My name is Latoya and I have been a writer for the past 8 years.
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