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How to make a good app? Six tips for success!

Posted on 2015-03-23 22:00:46 by Giuseppe Anzalone - 0 Comments

When you speak about Android apps you usually think to WhatsApp, Pou, Snapchat, Instagram and other best cases used by hundred millions users worldwide. Unfortunately not all apps are so famous; actually there are a lot of apps totally unknown and unused. Why? Is it because there is a strong competition and an huge quantity of apps? Yes, it could be... but I also think that many developers are not focused enough on quality of their apps.

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TorrApk team everyday reviews a lot of apps and often notices some common mistakes made by developers that are approaching their first Android app.

Here following six useful tips to make a good quality app.


1) Who will use your app and why?

Replying to the "who and why" questions should be the starting point for every developer that is approaching a new project. Someone can think it's obvious but in our experience many developers didn't yet get the importance of this step.
When you start developing an app you should be able to reply to these two questions because the more accurate and argued are your answers, the more your app has the chance to become a great app.

Focusing on the "why" question means understanding a considerable number of matters.  Is your app doing something that is really helpful to someone? Are there some other app that already do the same? What can your app really give to their user that other apps don't? Which new features can you add to make more complete and attractive your app?
You should know that nobody installs anything without a reason. If your app replies to a real need there is a high probability that it will be used; if not, there is a high risk that it will be a total failure.

Replying to the "who" question will help you in choosing the most appropriate graphic layout, colours, font and all communication features of your app. If you clearly know who are your potential users, you will be able to plan the languages to use; you can also plan  where to advertise your app and how you can get an economical reward from your users.


2) Don't hesitate to throw away your project

If you have a creative mind you can sometime be so enthusiastic about your ideas that you can't stop working on them even when you already understood that they are not so good. I know... it's hard to accept a failure. But the biggest and real failure is to keep on wasting your time to carry on a project that you already know it has no future. So, be passionate but don't let your ideas getting the control of your mind. Throw away bad ideas and let your creativity be free to go ahead.
Replying to the why and who questions can be a starting point to distinguish between good and bad ideas. I also recommend to ask for feedback to your friends and to people that can be your future users and don't be afraid about speaking of your ideas.


3) Don't overlook the user interface

One common mistake done by developers is to take no enough care about the user interface. The user interface is the first thing that will be evaluated and can be sometimes more important than all other features of your app. A good user interface must be simple, intuitive and functional.
To make it simple, try to remove everything that is not useful, the new graphic paradigms are focused on basic and elegant layouts.
Make it intuitive by trying thinking like an user of your app and not like the developer. Once you have a first beta version you should ask people who don't know nothing about your app for feedbacks.
Make the user interface functional, being sure that all functions and features of your app are easily reachable.


4) Build your users' confidence in your app

Till the first moment your app is used by a new user, you must be concerned with how getting his trust. Be honest in describing your app and be sure that it really does what you said.
Be sure that you are not using any third parts library that is classified, by common antivirus, like potentially unwanted or, even worse, as trojan, malware or adware. To be sure you can check the apk file of your app with free tools like VirusTotal.


5) Get natural shares on social networks

Instead to use annoying popup messages, invent something (for example an amazing image, a funny sentence or an event) related to your app and, when possible, customized to your users, that they can share because they like it.


6) Don't use invasive advertising

Every day our team rejects several apps because they use invasive advertising systems. It is incredible how some developers are obsessed with advertising at the point to make applications that are useless because of pop-up advertising or other kind of annoying deceptions.
In my opinion the best way to earn money with advertising is don't think to it since the beginning. People are terribly bored and irritated by advertising and if you introduce it to early you risk to stop the spread and growth of your app.
What you should firstly be concerned with is to increase the number of users and to satisfy them. You can be sure that if your app rocks, you'll be able to earn money by using a light and non invasive advertising system.


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Giuseppe Anzalone
Hello, I am Giuseppe, electrical engineer and programmer. I've been working in the industrial automation field since 2004, designing electronic boards and developing software for real-time control. For some years now, I'm also strongly involved in web-developing and in IT security. What else... oh yeah, I'm addicted to free climbing!
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