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Tip Chat - APK for Android

Tip chatDeveloper: Mohammad Bakhshandeh
Latest APK file version: 2
Requires Android: 4.1 and up
Number of downloads: 6
Category: Social & Communication
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(we are constantly working to provide decent and safest chat experience to our users)
Experience the Best Chat Experience within our smallest size Application. Tip Messenger is an Application which is safest chat ever.

You can search and Find friends from all over the world. multi language supported. You can chat into Common, Private or Country listed Safest Officially verified Chat rooms. You can invite people to Rooms for joining chats.

(Be a Merchant to sell Purse to your country users and earn almost double. Buy and sell

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Download APK (Latest apk file version: 2)

Get the APK latest version

What's new in version 2

And finally we are ready to present our new android update changes. Few moment later will publish new release of Tip Messenger.


Server changes


1) Paginated photos likes.

2) Choose more than 1 marriage relation.

3) Last sessions now print country IP of last logins instead phone model for security reasons.

4) Add email for confirmation purpose (Not active yet)



1) Random search users ( Suggested friends ) activated. This is helpful to make new friends.



1) Private message date in hour/minute/second format now available from inbox also for outbox.

2) Date removed from private message window.

3) Moderator/Top Moderator/ Owner / Creator private message color fixed from inbox and outbox.



1) Weekly prize

2) Private messages colors organized in one option.

3) Gifts now available, You can sell them/ Vote to your photo/ Vote to become SM.

4) News list



1) You can set password for selling account items so that only specific persons can buy it.

2) Delete files inbox of account after purchasing it.



1) Restoration through device identity or complete restoration form if fail to restore.



1) New fonts



1) Private files history between you and other users.

2) Unblock accounts by paying penalty in purse except some cases which require only request to administrators to unblock.

3) Blocked devices in rooms now can't send private message to users in room.

4) Ignored users now can't send private files.


Client-side Changes

1) Menu rows height issue fixed. 

2) Animated scrolling in menus.

3) Main menu UI changed. 

4) You can now turn news on and off. 

5) Turn alerts on and off easily from main menu.

6) Reload connection.

7) Exit from app easily from main menu.

8) Inputs UI changed.

9) Voice messaging now available.

10) Upload/ download much better and faster ! It is now in percentage...

11) Send buzz to offline users ( alert ) to call user back in chat.

12) Moving menus lead to opacity. 

13) Like photo albums faster and better UI. 

14) Photo viewer UI changed.

15) New feature for gamers. Reload icon inside inputs to do same actions. No need to close input each time and enter new bet. All you have to do is tap reload icon.

16) You can now paste your text easily by taping paste icon inside inputs.

17) Scroll up in public chat then scroll down easily by clicking appeared icon. Try and see.

18) New color picker for changing nickname, txt, etc colors.


And other little improvements....

Choose an older version or a different api level

Download Tip Chat
Version: 1

Requires Android: 4.1 and up
QR-CODE:Download Tip Chat - APK file version 1

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