Frequently Asked Questions

Could you explain how to install an .apk file from TorrApk?

The steps that you have to do are the followings:
  1. Download the apk file to your device sdcard (if your device is connected to internet you can do it directly on it, otherwise you have to download the file on your pc and then transfer it to the sdcard of your device)
  2. On your device press menù and go to Settings->Security
  3. Check that the "Unknown sources" voice is enabled. If not, enable it.
    In some old Android version the "Unknown sources" voice is located under Settings->Applications
  4. Use a file manager, as for example Astro, to search the apk file in your sd card and click to install it
  5. Now your app is installed.

I can't download any apk file on my Kindle Fire, everytime I insert the verification code it replies: "The secure code you typed does not match." Why?

  1. Please, be sure that your web browser allows the cookies.
  2. Some user has experienced this trouble using Amazon Silk Browser, even with coockies enabled. So, if you are using this browser, we suggest to change it. Use, for example, "Dolphin mini" that you can download on your PC from TorrApk and then side load on your Kindle Fire.

When I try to install an .apk file, I get the error message "Cannot open file". How can I fix it?

The "Cannot open file" message means that your Android device doesn't know wich app to use to open and install an .apk file.
You can install the file by using a file manager app (like "File Expert", "Astro" or "ES File Explorer File Manager").
  1. Start the file manager
  2. Search the .apk file you have downloaded and press over its icon.
The installation process should start.

When I try to install an .apk file, I get the error message "There is a problem parsing the package". Why?

Usually the parsing error happens when you try to install an app on a device with an Android version earlier than the one for which the app has been developed. Check the version required by the apk file before download it.

How to upload a new app on TorrApk?

To upload your app you need first sign up to get and activate a Developer Account.
If you already have a Developer Account continue by following these steps:
  1. Sign in on TorrApk, on the top right part of the page you'll see your user name
  2. Click over your user name to open your personal menu
  3. Choose "Account Settings" from you personal menu and accept the Terms of Service (you need to do this just the first time)
  4. Choose "Tools for Developers" from you personal menu, then click on "Your developer profile"
  5. Fill all required fields and press the save button. (you need to do this just the first time)
  6. Choose "Tools for Developers" from you personal menu, then click on "New app"
  7. Follow the wizard till the end
To upload another app repeat only the last two steps.

After signing in I can't find "Tools for Developers" on my personal menu. Why?

If you can't find the voice "Tools for Developers" under your personal menu, it means that when you've signed up, you did it as user and not as Developer. To add Developer features to your account please write us at

I'm unable to find the Accept button for Terms of Service. Where is it?

  1. Sign In on TorrApk
  2. Open your personal menu by clicking on your user name on the top right part of the screen
  3. Select "Account Settings" then open the tab "Terms of Services"
  4. Mark the checkbox then click on Confirm button
Terms of services checkbox and confirm button

My apps disappeared from TorrApk. Why?

The staff periodically checks, on the basis of user reporting and automatic control, that the apps don't violate the Terms of Service for Developers. If an app is deemed to violate the terms it is suspended and the developer is informed by email about the reasons of suspensions.
If one or more of your apps disappeared from TorrApk, please check the e-mail to know the reasons and the action to take in order to republish them.

Wich app monetization and advertising platform can I use in my apps?

We strongly recommend to developer to not use intrusive advertising platforms because they give a very bad user experience.
Even if they promise better earnings in terms of CPC or CPM they reduce the quality, and then the popularity, of your apps. That means your earnings too will be lower.
Companies that supply intrusive advertising (like interstitial advertising, or pop-ups) use often aggressive and intrusive code, to the point of being classified by some antivirus as Ad-Ware or Trojan. If this is your case, your app will be rejected by the TorrApk Staff.
Believe us, if you want to earn some money with your apps, you have to maximize the user experience before than the CPM.

How to advertise my app on TorrApk?

This is simplest way to advertise your app on TorrApk:
  1. Sign up as developer
  2. Upload your app
  3. Advertise it by buying impressions on the "Sponsored applications bar" displayed on TorrApk website (the bar is shown only on desktop version).
The cost per thousand impressions is of 0.1€

I haven't found any answer to my questions, what can I do?

If you need support, you can contact us at
We'll be glad to help you!
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