Download Opera browser for Android apk (18.0.1290.66961)

Opera Mobile web browserDeveloper: Opera Software ASA
Version: 18.0.1290.66961
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Number of downloads: 9547
Category: Web Browser

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Get the best mobile web browser for Android phones and tablets. Opera is designed for the latest Android devices.

Opera looks gorgeous, runs fast and comes with a long list of useful features installed. Get it now and start enjoying:

- A BETTER CONNECTION: Stay online even when on slow or congested networks by switching to Off-Road mode. (It also gives you cheaper internet!)

- ENTERTAINMENT: Use the built-in download manager to get movies and music off the web.

- PRIVACY: Go anywhere on the internet without leaving a trace when you use private browsing mode.

- INSPIRATION: Get the latest stories right in the browser from the world’

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