Frequently Asked Questions

Could you explain how to install an .apk file from TorrApk?

The steps that you have to do are the followings:

1) download the apk file to your device sdcard (if your device is connected to internet you can do it directly on it, otherwise you have to download the file on your pc and then transfer it to the sdcard of your device)

2) press menĂ¹ on your device and go to Settings->Applications and check that the "Unknown sources" voice is enabled, if not enable it

3) use a file manager, as for example Astro, to search the apk file in your sd card and click to install it

4) now your app is installed.

I can't download any apk file on my Kindle Fire, everytime I insert the verification code it replies: "The secure code you typed does not match." Why?

1) Please, be sure that your web browser allows the cookies.

2) Some user has experienced this trouble using Amazon Silk Browser, even with coockies enabled. So, if you are using this browser, we suggest to change it. Use, for example, "Dolphin mini" that you can download on your PC from TorrApk and then side load on your Kindle Fire.For any other question write to
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